Keep the power on day and night with solar panels and whole home battery storage  systems.

Brimma Solar is your trusted partner for home energy solutions. With 15+ years of experience, enhancing the lives of over 3,000 Washington families with solar.

Solar Installer Washington
Generac Powerwall
Unlock Endless Energy
Power Your Home
Slash Your Energy Bills
Say Goodbye to Power Outages
Invest In Your Future
Brighten Your Life
Unlock Endless Energy
Power Your Home
Slash Your Energy Bills
Say Goodbye to Power Outages
Invest In Your Future
Brighten Your Life

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Experience Brimma Solar

Established in 2011, we've become Washington's leading solar energy contractor, offering a comprehensive 25-year warranty on products, performance, and labor for installations by Brimma Solar, an REC-certified ProTrust Installer.

Custom built solar panel systems

Our engineering team crafts personalized solar solutions based on your home's energy needs and site evaluation, ensuring alignment with your energy and investment objectives.

Simple process from start to finish

Our goal is for our customers to quickly enjoy solar benefits. Our expert installation team can often set up your system in under a day, prioritizing punctuality, safety, and respect for your property.

Exceptional service for the life of your system

We make switching to solar stress-free by managing everything from system design and financing to permits and inspections, making it as simple as signing on the dotted line.

Solar Panels

Produce your own clean, renewable, solar energy to power your home.

Solar + Battery Storage

Create and store your own power, for use when nature is calm, or when backups are needed.

Standby Backup Generators

Always ready, reliable and affordable backup power when you need it most.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Whether your objective is economic savings, environmental preservation, stress reduction, or a combination of many, the ample energy above us holds the potential to energize your life.

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Reduce carbon footprint

Many may not be aware, but we are immersed daily in the world's most potent energy source—the sun. By harnessing clean, solar energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Solar Panels Washington

Energy independence

Why rely on external entities to transmit electricity across extensive distances via an aging grid? Solar power empowers you to break free from the constraints of an aging grid and costly fuel sources, allowing you to take charge of your energy future while reducing environmental impact.

Recognized and highly rated

REC Certified Solar Professional

Trusted partner with REC Solar Energy Products for professional install and service.

Recognized as BBB Accredited Business

We're proud to be among a Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ business in the state of Washington.

Excellence Recognized: 4.7 Stars Rating

Our 4.7-star rating on Solar reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in solar solutions.

Excellence Recognized: Angi Pro in Washington

Our 5.0 star rating on Angi reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in solar solutions.


Hear it from our customers

"These guys are professional from start to finish. We had Brimma install 42 panels and we are so happy with the complete installation. First of all they were no pressure sales secondly they showed up on time and finished faster then planned. They left everything better then they arrived. We do pleased with our system the ease to work with it and if we have ever needed help Brimma was here to help. Thanks so much for wonderful work!!"
"We had discussed solar on the home we bought and decided to get a few requests out for estimates. Brimma was on the spot to respond and set up time to discuss our project. We had a great Zoom meeting to discuss our options and discuss the costs. They were up front and informative about the process, costs, and timeline if we decided to move forward with our project. When it came time to select Brimma, there was no question, and we felt confident in them. They made the rest of the process so easy in working with financing, our local power company, and installation. I have already told multiple friends and co-workers that if they are thinking of adding solar, to work with Brimma on an estimate, and they won't be disappointed."
"Was pleasantly impressed with the overall service and the professionalism of the team by Brimma Solar just had installed yesterday,and also they made it simple and very easy for me as a customer to complete the project in a timely manner! Would highly recommend the business to any interested Friends and family parties for sure👍👍 Great job guys Thank you."

Dan Stromberg

"The team at Brimma, from start to finish was knowledgeable, easy to reach, quick to answer questions. The installation team was fantastic and they were prepared and experienced. A well oiled unit. Inspections were done and the job was complete in one day. I am excited to start enjoying the energy savings and am happy to be contributing to a more positive environment with their US built, cutting edge product and technology. Earning energy credits with the city of Seattle will be terrific."
"After reading many good reviews for Brimma Solar we contacted them regarding our desire to install solar panels on our roof. Honestly, we were impressed every step of the way. They provided detailed and educated information that allowed us to decide how many panels we needed, and where they should be placed. During installation, their crew was professional, courteous and pleasant. The panels look great, and they did a thorough clean up when they left. They even provided detailed information and paperwork relating to the substantial tax credit that we will be able to use on our 2021 taxes. It is unusual, and very refreshing, to find companies such as Brimma Solar. We will gladly refer them to friends and neighbors without hesitation."

Brimma Solar is Washington's solar panel and battery storage expert

We're dedicated to outstanding service, with a skilled team ensuring a seamless shift to clean energy. Our customer-first approach emphasizes communication, tailored solutions, and enduring support, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction.

Learn more about our company and the positive energy impact we're making on Washington.

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